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Name:: CC TORO
Size:: 6 X 52
Quantity:: CEDAR BOX/25
Retail Price:: $122.50
Your Price:: $97.75


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FOR THE TRUE CIGAR AFICIONADO -Cabinet Selection Toro Cigars are skillfully hand made by experienced Torcedores for the cigar aficionado. It has a Long Filler that is a sun-grown Cuban Seed Habano. The Binder is a superior quality Habano 2000. The cigar is draped in a dark and flawless Habano Wrapper leaf from Ecuador. It has a large ring size of 52 and is 6” long. They are delicately finished with a curly head and a pressed cigar tail typical of the Cigars originally made in Cuba many years ago. As the rest of Cuban Crafters Cigars, it is TOTALMENTE HECHO A MANO, which means that from start to finish each cigar is completely made by hand. This is a handmade cigar for the real aficionado.

The Toro cigar reminds you of the times when a cigar from the Island of Cuba were the best. Each cigar is meticulously handcrafted by skilled master rollers. The cigars are impeccably box-pressed, silky and finished the way they used to be. The Cap has a long curly head and the foot has a typical Cuban tail. In the traditions of the past, each tobacco leaf is hand picked and selected on its ability to improve the taste and fine qualities of the cigars. The perfect leaves are then cured and aged through an extensive labor-intensive process. After three years and five fermentations, the leaves evolve into a fine cigar at the hands of these skilled artisans. Smoking one is an experience not to be missed. The draw is effortless and firm. It burns evenly, with a long white ash. The exceptional complex taste of these classic style Cuban cigars is intensely flavorful and full in body. It is what a true cigar lover remembers fine cigars to be.

FULL-BODIED. The notably stout taste is richly flavorful with well-balanced and complex floral and leather undertones. There are hints of spices and nuts and it finishes with bold notes of coffee and chocolate.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: C.c. Toros

There are two things i love in life . . . "this cigar" and "this cigar"! this is a very "rich" & "tasty" cigar! Wow! David - plano,tx

Subject :: Cabinet selection toro

I consider myself an aficionado and this has got to be on the top of my list. Been smoking for over 30 years and only the best ones. Believe me that if you like cubans you will love this one. - james in nyc

Subject :: Toros

There are not enough "su"s" in superb to describe these cigars. Medium bodied, to my taste, superb burners and good from start to finish. I smoke them to the very end. I enjoy a cigar with coffee in the morning. These cigar would be great anytime, with coffe, after a light lunch, or a full course dinner. Absolutely one of, if not the very best cigars i have ever smoked. p.d. Willard chief of detectives chester, pa

Subject :: Whoa!

I personally love this it. I had one at my local smoke shop in chicago based on the attendant's recommendation and i couldn't believe how good this thing was. After smoking one i had to do a seacrh on the web to find out more and i found this site. Flawless construction, razor sharp burn and a combination of flavors (that i'm no good at describing) i love. Do yourself a favor...try one!

Subject :: Cuban Crafters Toro

In a class of its own. Wonderfull from begining to end. One that you will not put down until you burn your fingers. So well made that a true cigar lover will cherish. All more that can be said is "Bravo"! T. Stallman

Subject :: tasty

well constucted with an easy draw. not as hot as the robusto, but with a richer flavor. slightly spicey with undertones of smoked leather and cocoa. rich in flavor with little aftertaste. recommended buy! b. kaekel

Subject :: Cabinet selection toro

First i want to say..i just started smoking cigars 2 months ago. By no means am I an expert, but the cabinet selection toro just felt "right" to me. The draw on the toro is effortless...and probably the best smoke I have had so far. I tried a few cubans, and i like them..but i was most impressed with the toro so my opinion, you can't go wrong with any of the Cuban Crafters cabinet selection smokes. I would suggest the sampler...that's what i did. I just ordered a box of the toro's after sampling them...I'm hooked! Anthony (pennsylvania)

Subject :: Just wonderful

Of all the ones I received in their sampler pack I think this is my favorite. It's dark, complex with flavors that change and mature as you smoke it. I was very pleased with this one.

Subject :: Cubancrafters toro

Great very cuban in taste - it has this typical earthiness that only cubans can display. As i live in romania and order them online, it takes some time until they reach they tend to dry. But two or three months in the humidor (until the "edges" round up) will let them flourish and give their best. Great cigar as all from cuban crafters i have bought by now. Cristian boerean, resita, romania

Subject :: CC toro

Melt in your chair good! I had to try one as soon as I received them. These had a wonderful draw with big clouds of delicious smoke. Nice ash with a floral and chocolate taste. Sooooo smooth and ralaxing. Thanks again for a great smoke. As usual I am very impressed.

Subject :: Cc cabinet select toro

What more can be said than that that has already been said other than... "amen" "hallelujah for cuban crafter's cabinet select toro" i make sure my 100 stick humidor is always stocked up on these. Jeff - st. George ut

Subject :: Addictive!!

These cigars can only be described as addictive, they're that good. The first 1/4" start out as mild, but gradually become full bodied. All the tastes stated are there. I smoked it to the nub, and never a hot smoke or burn (except the 1/2" nub on my lip). I highly recommended this company and products, I have yet to get a bad cigar from these folks. As for the customer service, excellent! Alejandro and Eddie always go out of their way to help, thanks guys. I'm gonna need yet another humidor. -excalibur-

Subject :: Superb Smoke !!!!

Have been playing around with a less expensive cigar search that will provide excellent smoke for less coin, so I can save my collection smokes for special occasions. Bought a box of these Toro's and let them sit in my humidor for almost two weeks. I smoked one when I first got them, then smoked one after sitting ~ two weeks. Man it was not the same smoke. Totally awsome, smells great even before lighting the boquet is very aromatic. Taste is fantastic very very pleasing on my palate. I am going to order another three boxes of this smoke along with a box of the 6X60 ring gauge smokes. You cannot go wrong with CC, they have earned a loyal customer for life. The key is YOU MUST LET THESE CIGARS REST FOR APPROX. 2 WEEKS. Then you will think you have died and gone to heaven. Very Very Very close to a real cuban cigar. The only way to tell the difference is you have to have smoked cuban cigars before to really appreciate this smoke. Totally Awsome, Thank You CC YOU ROCK !!!!

Subject :: CC TORO

The creator of this fine cigar has achieved what was once thought impossible. He has reproduced the flavor and strength of a great Havana cigar and at a price point the common man can afford. There are not enough superlatives or accolades to describe this fine cigar. If you enjoy a rich full body cigar this one is a MUST TRY!!! I am truly in shock!!!! MY HAT IS OFF TO THE MAKER. THANKS B.J. El Paso TX

Subject :: CC Toro

Smoked 100\'s of these exceptional sticks. Always the same, exceptional consistent flavor profile like no other cigar you have smoked. Flawless draw and roll from the master rollers signed box. Rich full flavor profile....smooth and silky on the palate. One of the best among the best relaxing cigar smoking experience. This cigar is what it\'s all about fellas, the ART OF MAKING A FINE CIGAR for your smoking pleasure. Enjoy my friends!

Subject :: Cabinet Selection Toro

This, by far, is probably one of the finest cigars in my humidor. I realize that this is a bold statement considering the fact that my humidor has a cornucopia of 1964 and 1926 Series Padron’s, Romeo Y Julieta Maduro Reserves, AVO’s, Hoyo De Monterrey Maduros, and Oliva Series S boxes in it. Yet, I find myself reaching for one of these a day. The look and feel of this stick is silky; the taste is exquisite, the draw smooth and full of thick smoke. I love the subtle tastes that it provides; spice, hints of burnt caramel and chocolate and a spattering of pepper in the tongue and palette, with an almost espresso taste as it nears the end.. My advice – age these for as long as you can. I just started on a box I purchased in 2009 and believe me you, the difference between one aged for almost 3 years and one I smoked when a box arrived last week are night and day. Lovely. Just lovely. DCM3 in Sacramento CA


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