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Size:: 6 X 54
Quantity:: CEDAR BOX / 25
Retail Price:: $161.25
Your Price:: $124.99


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Cabinet Selection Torpedo Cigars are handmade by experienced professionals. Each cigar has a sun-grown Cuban-Seed Habano tobacco filler. The Binder is a Habano 2000. It’s all bound by a flawless dark Cuban-Seed Habano Wrapper leaf from Ecuador. The Torpedo has a large ring size of 54 and is 6” long. The cigars are finished with a curly head cap and typical cuban tail. They are made the old fashioned way and taste like they used to in the good old days. Now you can buy these cigars online.

The Torpedos takes you to reminiscing the times when cigars made in the Island of Cuba were the finest anywhere. Each cigar is beautifully handcrafted by master rollers. It is box pressed, silky and finished the way they used to be. The cap and foot is that of a traditional puro. As in the time-honored cuban puros of the past, each tobacco leaf is hand picked and selected solely on its capability to improve the taste and fine traits. The delicate leaves are then cured and aged through an extensive fermentation and aging process. After three years and five curing fermentations, the leaves are transformed into these delightful cigars at the hands of these trained artisans. Smoking one is a unique experience. The draw is effortless, yet firm. It burns perfectly and evenly, leaving a long and clean white ash behind. The exceptional complex taste is intensely flavorful and full bodied. It is the experience that fine smoking should be.

FULL-BODIED. The notably bold taste is deeply flavorful with well balanced and complex floral and leather undertones. There are hints of spices and roasted nuts. It finishes with lashes of coffee and chocolate.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: Good smoke but......

Of the roughly 200 different varieties i have tried, this cigar was given a 7.5 on a 1-10 scale. But I would rate it as a medium body not a full body, but with an excellent rich coffee flavor. Overall, an impressive smoke.

Subject :: Cc torpedo

Very nice tasting, well built cigar. Needs some patience when lighting but all in all excellent value for money.

Subject :: Esplendido smoke

If your shopping for stogies,stop right here,it just wouldn't feel right,to not give this one a try.if you like cuban's you will enjoy these,i do,i like these ones better than some of the havana's that are out there,this one is for the bold.thanks cc ron,great lakes bye now

Subject :: Outstanding in every way

A changing, intense, and very flavorful smoke from start to finish, never boring or harsh. I put these up against any high end full bodied on the market, including a $14 padron. They have "the real thing" look, white ash, nice even burn. The cc cabinet selections are my “new” favorite. Thanks cc!

Subject :: Super premium!

I tried one of the cuban crafters this evening and was blown away! It is easily one of the best cigars i have ever smoked. I smoked it down to the end cap and wished it wouldn't of had to end. The quality was super-premium and i enjoyed everything about the experience. If this is representative of the rest of what i have in store i will be a cuban crafter customer for life. Thanks for producing such a superior product. I am very satisfied. Take care. -ben

Subject :: Man these are good!

No kidding. Great taste and yummy to the nub. 5 star rating

Subject :: Cubans

Best damn price ive seen yet.for such high quality.

Subject :: Very good.

Interesting. The construction was perfect. The draw was effortless so you can draw huge amounts of smoke. The burn is very slow and cool with an even burn. The ash is very tight hanging on up 1/4 of the stick. The flavor starts off medium and turns into full. The first half is good. The flavor is rich and smooth. When you hit the half way point is when this one starts to open up. The flavor becomes very peppery with a shot of leather. It hit the middle of the tongue with a wonderfull aftertaste that just lingers. i was very impressed. I would give this an 8.5 out of 10.

Subject :: Great

Man i loved this one. It is the perfect sunday smoke nice exotic flavor that has you guessing with each puff. I got lost in this one. its great.


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