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Yellow commercial ashtrays package deal with a Cinnaberry scented odor eliminating candle. Scratch and heat resistant, these industrial yellow commercial ashtrays are made of durable high gloss melamine resin. The unique design is exclusive and great for cigar smokers. It has 4 cigar grooves, a center for the ashes or to hold a Cuban Crafters smoke eliminating candle, a protective wall to separate the cigar from the ashes or candle, and a smooth glossy finish that is guaranteed for life. The commercial looking industrial yellow ashtrays have a center separated by a wall that can be used to place ashes or a Cuban Crafters odor eliminating candle. After you finish smoking the cigars, light the Cinnaberry candle and the odors are permanently eliminated from the house or office. Removing the candle residue or ashes from the ashtray is easy and convenient. These exclusive ashtrays are only available at Cuban Crafters, are packed in a white gift box and the dimensions are 12 inches in diameter with a height of 1 3/4 inches.

Melamine cigars ashtrays are available in 4 fashion colors that fit the decor of any room. Lifetime guaranteed and lightweight, they are elegant and functional. Matching pillar candles are available for all four ashtray colors: Cool Clean White, Wholesale Black Onyx, Industrial Yellow and Outside and Home Hunter Green. Whether placed in your living room, office, conference room or outdoors, they will enhance the environment and provide a lifetime of use. Cuban Crafters guarantees it and backs it up with a full satisfaction money-back guarantee.

Cuban Crafters cinnaberry scented odor removal candles are revolutionary. They work by actually destroying and eliminating the odor, not just masking it. The clean and fragrant scent of cinaberry is unique and perfect for the home, office or commercial use. Unlike air fresheners or scented candles, the Cuban Crafters candle will totally remove the odor of cigars and cigarettes, even after the invigorating cinaberry scent is gone. They are fully guaranteed under the Cuban Crafters Full Satisfaction money-back guarantee. Cigar smoke odor was the reason the candles were developed, but you will be amazed how effectively it works at the removal of foul household and pet odors. The elegant candle is textured, fits perfectly inside the ashtray, and will decorate anyplace that you want to fully eliminate an unpleasant odor quickly and permanently. The 3 inch by 3 inch pillar fits perfectly in the ashtrays and is guaranteed for approximately 60 hours of odor removing burn time. It is handpacked in a gift box.


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