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Size:: ALL 6 SIZES
Quantity:: CEDAR BOX / 6 CIGARS
Retail Price:: $34.50
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Cameroon Cigars Sampler is a $34.50 value for the low discount price of $19.99. Your chance to sample every cigar size and shape of Cuban Crafters Cameroon Cigars. These cigar samplers come in cedar gift boxes and contain all 6 original Cameroon cigars; a CHAIRMAN (6" X 60 Ring Gauge), a CAMPANA (5" X 60), a TORPEDO (6" X 54), a CHURCHILL (7" X 52), a TORO (6" X 52) and a ROBUSTO (5" X 52). Cuban Crafters Cameroon Cigars are skillfully hand made by master roller with many years of experience. The cigars are made in small batches and each cigar combines the finest and most expensive Cameroon cigar wrapper leaves with the best Cuban Seed Habano tobacco from Tabacalera Esteli. The Long-Filler and Binder are virgin sun-grown Cuban-Seed Habano tobacco that has been fermented 5 times before being hand rolled. The boutique premium cigars are all handmade in the classic Cuban style and have large ring gauges. Each cigar is is meticulously finished with a long curly head cap and a cigar tail typical of those from Cuba. They are made the old fashioned Cuban way. The cigars boast very delightful and intensely rich boutique flavors. They have a unique taste that is sweet, woody and medium to full in body. A unique smoking experience is fully guaranteed.

Premium tobacco blends make great tasting cigars. In search of the perfect blend for the demanding cigar aficionado, various tribes in Cameroon, Africa were visited by our scouts. After years of searching an ultra premium Cameroon wrapper was located. It is the one that blended perfectly with the premium Cuban seed tobacco from Tabacalera Esteli. It is grown by a tribe in a small village on the western edge of Cameroon, close to an active volcano named Mount Cameroon. The country's most fertile soils are in this region, and the tobacco is among the world's most expensive. The ultra premium Cameroon wrapper was then fermented to perfection and blended with the best leaves from Tabacalera Esteli. The result is this incredible cigar. There is no cigar available that can be compared. After smoking one you will agree.

MEDIUM TO FULL BODY. Their distinguished taste is ultra premium and slightly sweet, with exhilirating woody and spicy undertones. It finishes with a cedar and cocoa burst.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: Cameroon samplers

How much longer are going to be out-of-stock?

Subject :: Great...

Just finished the last one from the sampler-can't wait to get more! Simply tasty, well constructed, nice burn down to the nub. Best tasting to date from cuban crafters. Thanks!

Subject :: Cameroon

Enjoyed it very much. Don\'t often smoke with family in the car but my son said he didn\'t mind(he\'s 16!!!!) because he likes the smell of these. He says they smell like chocolate...and i concur.. this is a very nice smoke that gets better as you go. And, when you go, go the distance. Seems to get better and better as your burning your finger tips because you don\'t want to let it go out(or waste any). i(me) like it and that\'s what\'s important to me... look forward to sharing one with my brother-in-law this week to get his reaction. I\'m a beginner(about a year) into cigars but have learned quite a bit.. he\'s a con of sewers :)who got me started and i like to see what he says when i find something different(apart from the norms of gurkhas, and macanudos and cohibas and rockyp\'s and partagas and yada yada yada...i really enjoys this cigar... sorry, not as much a review as it is a kudos comment...

Subject :: Stop looking for your vaforite camaroon.

Stop \'cuz this one deserves a go. I\'m not an expert by any means but then again i\'ve smoked some of the best (cuban\'s included) and even though \"efficianodo\" said a certian cigar scored realy high (95) does not mean that everyone who likes a good smoke has to like it. I have no clue how they get those numbers and i realy don\'t care, in my opinion this camaroon could use a little more bit. In the middle but it finished well enought to make up for it. Started light and creamy, the cream part went away in the middle 1/4 and was replced after by a nice chocolat and finished wit. A realy strong but smoothe coco/java. There was a moderat. Amount of smoke in the begining which gradualy got more expressed as it smoked. This was the \"cone\" shaped camaroon so that may have had alot to do wit. It. All in all a realy good cigar wit. A nice build and i liked it alot. Don\'t let the price fool you.


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