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Size:: 6 x 52
Quantity:: CEDAR BOX / 25
Retail Price:: $129.95
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PREMIUM CIGAR for the Cameroon Cigars Aficionado. Cuban Crafters Cameroon Toro Cigars are skillfully hand made by a master cigar roller with many years of experience. Each toro size cigar combines the finest and most expensive Cameroon cigar wrapper leaves with the best Cuban Seed Habano tobacco from Tabacalera Esteli. The Long-Filler and Binder are virgin sun-grown Cuban-Seed Habano tobacco that has been fermented 5 times before being hand rolled. Each cigar is 6Ē long with a 52 ring gauge, and is meticulously finished with a long curly head cap and a cigar tail typical of those from Cuba. They are super premium and made for the aficionado the old fashioned Cuban way. The cigars boast very delightful and intensely rich flavors. The exquisite cigar taste is sweet and woody, and medium to full in body. Enjoy this pleasant and unique smoking is guaranteed.

Premium tobacco blends make great tasting cigars. In search of the perfect blend, various tribes in Cameroon, Africa were visited by our scouts. After years of searching an ultra premium Cameroon wrapper was located. It blended perfectly with the premium Cuban seed tobacco from Tabacalera Esteli. It is grown by a tribe in a small village on the western edge of Cameroon, close to an active volcano named Mount Cameroon. The country's most fertile soils are in this region, and the tobacco is among the world's most expensive. The ultra premium Cameroon wrapper was then fermented to perfection and blended with the best leaves from Tabacalera Esteli. The result is this incredible cigar. There is no cigar available that can be compared. After your first cigar, you will agree.

MEDIUM TO FULL BODY. Their distinguished taste is ultra premium and slightly sweet, with exhilarating woody and spicy undertones. It finishes with a cedar and cocoa burst.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: Smoke magazine

Review: Rated 8.9 - comments from panelists: Panelist #1 - "a medium to full bodied smoke with creamy flavor hints of spice and coffee, and a mellow aftertaste." "this cigar jumps off the match and grabs attention from the first draw." panelist #2 - "cedar and light coffee flavors come through in this medium-bodied cigar; Some pepper and spice in the finish" panelist #3 - I enjoyed their consistency...and their unique flavor." "overall, a smoke worth trying." panelist #4 - "this is a medium-bodied smoke with heardly a trace of aftertaste and a heavy, crowd-pleasing aroma." "a 9.5 - excellent."

Subject :: Wonderful!

This is one of the best I've ever smoked and, although no aficionado, I've been smoking for over thirty years. Perfectly constructed, and I found it to have wonderful, mildly sweet wood and roasted nuts flavors, adding slight hints of leather as it burned. Exquisite smoke!

Subject :: Joe Average Website Rating

Welcome to heaven. Proceed to the first humidor on the left. Cuban Crafters, cameroon, 6x52 toro, Nicaragua $4.00
Construction: Perfect shape with very smooth, clean, lovely cameroon wrapper. Crown was invisible, and when squeezed gently, it felt exquisite between my fingers! Soft, pleasant, mildly sweet aroma under my nose. Wow! I almost hated to burn this beautiful thingÖ..but, i did. 5
Lighting: It cut cleanly and evenly. It lit easily and burned perfectly, forming a 1 ľ inch light gray-white ash. Its draw was easy, providing exactly the right amount of smoke for my pleasure. 5
Flavor: Enthralling (i didnít even know i knew that word,Ö.but this one reminded me) flavors of mildly sweet wood and roasted nuts, adding slight leather as it burned. These flavors remained consistent and smooth throughout the smoke, never lending any harshness at any time. Absolutely wonderful. 5
Comments: I am going to tell you something. This is one of the best Iíve ever smoked. About twelve years ago, i was in Venice, Italy visiting my in-laws when i asked my brother-in-law if he knew where i could get some Cubans. He doesnít know much about cigars (being italian, he chain smokes cigarettes) so he took me to a little tabaccheria on a small side street where the owner had only one box of Cubans. They were Romeo y Julieta- I donít remember exactly which, but about 7x50. I bought six: Two for my brother, two for friends, and two for myself. When I sat out on the balcony of my familyís apartment overlooking the streets below, smoking the first of those cubans, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I finally understood what the fuss was all about. Those were absolutely delicious. As I sat smoking this Cuban Crafters Cameroon, I was thrust back to that little balcony with every wonderful draw of exquisite smoke. The word smoke defiles what I was tasting- it transcended smoke. It was divine breath! I kid you not when i tell you that i said a little prayer at that moment, thanking and asking blessing for the person, wherever he or she may be, that made that Cuban Crafters Cameroon that was giving me a moment of smoking pleasure that i would not soon forget. Iím dead serious.
overall: 94
value rating: 94-4= 90
RECOMMENDATION: Highly recommended
Joe Average

Subject :: Hats up!!

The pig tailed top and the unfinished foot amazed you from the first look. A very beautiful cameroon wrapper color just awesome. With a clean cut and pleasing pre-lighting taste you will start the trip. This cigar has lot to please you with. White ash, sweetness and aroma. It burns from the foot to the label perfectly. The flavor starts very sweet in the 1st 1/2 inch, then you'll find the leathery, peppery and nutty starting to jump. The most i loved in this cigar is the aroma, which has sweetness and cedar smell noticeable. It really please most of the crowd around me. What i missed is the oils :( even if i left them in the humi for two weeks or more. These cigars are great how ever i got them after a week shipped internationally to my place. Next time i'll leave them for months then they'll be perfect. Guys you really need to give them a try. Hats up for kiki abu dhabi aficionado in oct 12 2008

Subject :: LOVED this one!

I\'ve always preferred a medium to full bodied (read tasty and flavorful) cigar over the more \"mild\" types, and man these Cuban Crafter Cameroons are just excellent! I\'ve always found those various descriptions of cigar tastes somewhat fanciful, such as a cigara having \"overtones of cocoa, spice, leather, woods,\" and so on, but with these I know what they\'re talking about. These are so good I want to eat the nub when they get too short to smoke. And despite being a medium-full bodied cigar, there is no harshness, bite, or overpowering lingering effect in the mouth at all. Just a smooth, good smoke. My hat is off to Don Kiki and the growers, blenders and torcedores at Tabacalera Esteli. Great cigar, and at a price half what it should be.

Subject :: Review From CigarCyclopedia

CUBAN CRAFTERS Ė Cameroon wrapper
[Nicaragua: reviewed June 15, 2007]

There are two versions of the Cuban Crafters blend, with Cameroon or Nicaraguan-grown wrappers. The Cameroon-wrapped version offers a medium body with surprising smoothness and a slightly spicy aroma. It offers a delicate, caramelized taste that creates a consistent, pleasant chord of flavor that continues through the first half of the blend. Thereís a solid white ash and even a monster like the 60-ring Chairman or Campana is easy to enjoy . . . if a bit big in the mouth.

The Cuban Crafters line dates from 2003, but is under-appreciated in this version. At buy-direct prices of $3.60 to $4.80, itís a winner.

Overall grade: A-: Excellent.

Subject :: CC Cameroon Toro

Superb!! Absolutely wonderful cigar. I ordered a box of these and the Salazar Reserva Toros. Both are fabulous in different ways, but both are a step up from the other cigars I\'ve bought from Cuban Crafters. That is saying something because I have not had a bad cigar from these guys. The Kiki Brown Labels, these CC Cameroons and the Salazars are my favorites. The construction of these is A+, the burn is perfect and the flavour is smooth and wonderful. The only bad thing I can say is that I have to stop myself from lighting up another one when I\'ve just finished one. Cuban Crafters is the only place I buy cigars now. Thanks CC. Steve V


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