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Your chance to sample every Cuban Crafters Cigars. This cigar sampler cedar gift box has 5 original style cuban cigars; a CHAIRMAN (6" X 60 Ring Gauge), a TORPEDO (6" X 54), a CHURCHILL (7" X 52), a TORO (6" X 52) and a ROBUSTO (5" X 52). Cabinet Selection Cigars are skillfully hand-made by master rollers with years of experience. The Filler is a sun-grown Cuban-Seed Habano. The Binder is a superior quality Habano 2000. They are all draped in a dark Habano Wrapper leaf from Ecuador, and are meticulously finished the original way, with a long curly head and a fine cuban tail. One of the finest cigar samplers available.

Cuban Crafters Cigars bring back the times when those from Cuba were the best in the world. Meticulously hand made by skilled master rollers, the cigars are silky and impeccably box-pressed, and hand detailed the way that they used to be in the fields of Cuba. They have a cap that is finished with a long curly head, the foot is an original cola (tail). As in the Cuba of the past, each tobacco leaf is hand picked to compliment the others. The cigars are then cured and aged through a long and extensive labor-intensive process. After three years and five curing fermentations, the leaves evolve into great Puros at the hands of skilled artisans. Smoking the cigar is so unique that you will think you are enjoying those from the past. The draw is firm. It burns evenly. The white ash is long and clean. The complex taste is intensely flavorful and full in body. This is what smoking a cigar is all about.

FULL BODIED. Their distinguished taste is full-bodied and intensely flavorful with well balanced floral flavors and leather undertones. There are hints of spices and nuts. Their finish has strong traces of chocolate and coffee.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: Wow

Absolutly wonderful

Subject :: Cuban crafters maduro

I wrote the post above and forgot to put my name and those with questions feel free to ask me. Thanks h. Law, ft lauderdale, fl

Subject :: Cuban crafters maduro

What a great smoke..! i am one that should know, i am an airline pilot and fly around the world and smoke all different types of cuban, dominican, nicaraguan etc. This is a fine full bodied smoke. I have been smoking the arturo funente double chateau maduro, the onyx maduro and i would say this maduro by cuban crafters was as good or better. I noticed a chocolate undertone and love it. I have over 750 cigars in my humdior at home and know what i am talking about. I know what a good smoke is...!

Subject :: Kick butt cigars

Excellent smokes! My new favorites. Hooked on the campana

Subject :: Cuban crafters sampler

From what i know about cigars this sampler contains the closest cuban tasting cigar i have tasted. It truly packs a punch. When the ups man droped of my cigars today i could not wait to taste the cigars i ordered and this one was worth the wait. I am not much for the maduro wrapper but this is truly a good cigar my palet thanks you for the experience. bob mn

Subject :: Sampler selection torpedo

Grabbed a torpedo right out the box. Presentation was classic with a red ribbon. Good moderate color. Pleasant aroma, plush draw, slightly sweet and woody taste, smooth finsh. Very pleased with overall smoke. Minor uneven burn was only setback. A solid 90. very good buy.

Subject :: Cuban crafters cigar

Excellent. A real "professional" smoke for a real cigar coniseur [sic]. excellent burn, full flavor, sonewhat leathery and chocoalate taste.

Subject :: Nice

Nice ones. Bought a box of cuban crafters after receiving the samplers. Got to try out all sizes and like the chairman and toro the best.

Subject :: Made just right

I have been smoking them from cuba before the embargo and know great ones. This is as delicious as many that i remember. They burn beautifully and are very well made. The taste is delicious. The only complaint is that they were clearly kept in a high humidity humidor. I needed to leave them out for a few days as they were still moist. Their taste reveals that they are well aged and the tastes have married beautifully, but the wrapper was slightly moist from the humidifier being set too high. It was an easy problem to resolve and i normally do this with most cigars i receive, that is leave them out for about three days before lighting one up. These are top notch and i thank cuban crafter for offering this sampler at this discount price. Keep up the great job. - your new loyal customer for life (or while you keep making great cigars that remind me of cubans) berney b.

Subject :: Cuban crafters

I have been smoking fine cigars for over twenty years, and i can honestly say that this is one of the best of the best. It has a very easy draw that delivers pure satisfaction every time. You will enjoy one. I would recomend this very high qualiy hand made "work of art" to anyone who demands the higest quality smoke available on the market. omer a. Atwood

Subject :: Holy smokes

Holy moly they are excellent. Really good full body taste and beautiful burn. Stands up higher than most cuban made.

Subject :: Great buy

I bought this sampler after it was recommended by a co-worker and am very glad i did. I cannot honestly state which one was my favorite of the bunch, each one was perfect in it's own right. Great value, great smokes. Kudos!


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