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Name:: SA ARMY
Size:: 7X50
Quantity:: BOX / 25 CIGARS
Retail Price:: $120.00
Your Price:: $68.99


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ARMY GIFTS - Celebrate our country's armed forces with SALUTE TO ARMS Army Gift Boutique Premium cigars. They are handmade in small batches and in limited quantities by Tabacalera Esteli. They make great Military gifts for those that serve in, or have served our country in the U.S. Army. They also make a perfect retirement gift. 25 cigars are hand-packed in a cedar box with the seal of the Army.

SALUTE TO ARMS Army cigars celebrates those that serve our country in the United States Armed Services. They are perfect for army men or wowen. Each is handmade by Tabacalera Esteli using super premium aged Cuban Seed Habano long-filler tobacco. The Binder is a wrapper quality Cuban Seed Habano 2000 leaf and it is draped in a beautiful and delicious shade-grown Sumatra Cuban Seed Wrapper. The cigars have a large ring size of 50 and a full 7 inches long, these Churchills have an exquisite aroma and taste.

MEDIUM BODIED. Their distinguished taste is medium-bodied with mellow and well balanced floral flavors and hints of mild orange peels and toasted nuts.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: Very good

I was in the USArmy, so i had to try this very good cigar. I will be ordering more....rick.....n.carolina well done...

Subject :: Oh yeah!!

What can't we do well??? great taste and burns very well. Got them as a gift, but am buying more right now!!

Subject :: Iraq

Received them down here in iraq and they are super. Nice clean taste and burn great. Passed some out to other military buddies and they all enjoyed them. Now they keep asking for more and on my pay it is difficult to keep handing them out as gifts. Now i stash them for my enjoyment. My real buds still get them as gifts. Really well made.

Subject :: Nice

Not full-bodied at all compared to cabinet selections or jl salazar, this milder one burns well and even, and have a nice flavor. As it burns down it develops more flavor and a bit more spice, so the last half is quite a bit better than the first half. When you figure price into the equation, this is a fabulous cigar. I'll be getting more.

Subject :: Awesome

This was a very satisfying smoke. Gave a couple to some friends and everyone enjoyed them.

Subject :: I agree

It is amazing

Subject :: Amazing

This cigar is amazing. It has full bodied flavor and no bite.

Subject :: spice

I smoked this one out of the sampler. Little too spicy for my liking. I don't know about getting this one for myself but it would make a good gift for some.

Subject :: great smoke

Being a good american, i had to try this cigar and all i can say is it was wonderful. Great smoke for the money.


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