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United States Navy

The United States Navy is responsible for conducting naval military operations. Its stated mission is "to maintain, train and equip combat-ready Naval forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression and maintaining freedom of the seas." The U.S. Navy currently has nearly 345,000 personnel on active duty and 145,000 in the Navy Reserve. It operates 278 ships in active service and more than 4,000 aircraft.

The United States Navy traces its origins to the Continental Navy , which was established during the American Revolutionary War and was disbanded in 1790. The Naval Act of 1794 ordered the construction and manning of six frigates . The U.S. Navy came into international prominence in the 20th century, during World War II . Operating in both the European and Pacific venues, it was a part of the war from the onset of American military involvement. From the Attack on Pearl Harbor to Japan's official surrender on the deck of the USS Missouri, the Navy was always at the forefront . During the Cold War with Russia it evolved into a nuclear deterrent and crisis response force while preparing for a possible global war with the Soviet Union .

Currently the United States Navy maintains a sizeable presence in the world, deploying in such areas as East Asia, Southern Europe, and the Middle East. Its ability to project force onto regions of the world, engage in forward areas during peacetime, and rapidly respond to regional crises makes it an active player in American foreign and defence policy. Despite decreases in ships and personnel following the Cold War, it has continued to spend more on technology development and is the world's largest navy with a tonnage greater than that of the next 17 largest countries combined.



Navy Personnel
Active Duty:    347,120

Officers:   51,880

Enlisted:   290,823

Midshipmen:   4,417
Ready Reserve:    130,740 [As of 30 November]

Selected Reserves: 69,990

Individual Ready Reserve: 60,750
Reserves currently mobilized:    4,923 [As of 20 December]
Personnel on deployment:    43,599
Navy Department Civilian Employees:    175,620
Ships and Submarines
Deployable Battle Force Ships: 278

Ships Underway (away from homeport): 60 ships (21% of total)

On deployment: 80 ships (28% of total)

Attack submarines underway (away from homeport): 18 submarines (34%)

On deployment: 18 submarines (34%)
Ships Underway

USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) - Persian Gulf

Boxer Expeditionary Strike Group (ESG):
USS Boxer (LHD 4) - Persian Gulf
USS Dubuque (LPD 8) - Persian Gulf
USS Comstock (LSD 45) - Gulf of Oman

Amphibious Warfare Ships:
USS Ashland (LSD 48) - Gulf of Oman

Aircraft (operational):


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